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I made seven purchases over the past five years, the last one just made, and always nancy: timely delivery by UPS, quality products (Performance Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc.) and sizes that correspond to those ordered, with images colors faithful to reality, priced accordingly and discounted for several items, packing with strong cardboard, cash on delivery FREE PREMIUM with free shipping, practice made simple and quick. Just about the return I was able to experience it twice for two items returned for exchange sizes: only strengths because you print the sheet made in two copies, if you paste a copy on the back of the original carton, and it puts the other in the neck , it sends an email to request the return and you get the date for the delivery passage for the home collection and NO CHARGE. I used this service twice and it has always worked perfectly, with no paid calls (type 199 ...) and doing everything over the internet. Once back the returned product, it takes several days before the entire cost is refunded, and made available as a credit for a future purchase of other merchandise. And the credit available NOT weighs no time limit within which must be redeemed worth the expiration of the same: I have used after almost a year for a new purchase without any problem. (eheheh likes slot machines with bonus scommesse)
Making a comparison with the other famous company in Civitanova Marche (S ... t), Zalando is unbeatable as regards the shipping costs (nil for qualsiaisi figure for Zalando, null just over 100 Euros for purchasing S ... t), marking option (free for Zalando, 6 Euros for S ... t) and quality of the courier (UPS, and regular deliveries to Zalando, former TNT for S ... t) ... former TNT because now they use Bartolini BRT, but this will explain it in detail in another post for PESSIMA personal experience with TNT!
Defects? One, unique and great: blatantly missing the division of clothing for the autumn-winter and spring-summer. If I want to buy a boss I HAVE to know if it is part of the collection of one or the other season, BASIC, and this information is missing completely from the descriptions of the individual garments offered for sale. It seems incredible that those Zalando they have been able to forget, yet tent'è. But you can always fix it, you just have to want to ... or maybe it would be too much grace to the buyer!
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